Floor Cleaner
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  • ALL IN ONE CLEANING FUNCTION: Integrates sweeping, mopping, drying, and self-cleaning in one convenient cord-free appliance, definitely an excellent partner for your vacuum
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Simply empty the waster water tank and discard the solid waste after use. Its quick, easy and clean.
  • SELF CLEANING: Tired of cleaning the tools you bought to clean with? Hizero's unique self-cleaning function automatically cleans itself during each session. When your floor cleaning is complete, so is the self-cleaning of HIZERO.
  • SUPER SAVER: Compared to conventional tools, HIZERO saves 80% - 90% on water, utilities and time. It only takes 1 Liter of water, 0.01kWh electricity and 8 minutes to clean up a 100 square meter floor area. 
  • CHARGING STATION: Comes with own charging station , Rest on the station so it will always be ready for use when cleaning time arrives.
  • EASY OPERATION, SMART INTERFACE: Can be operates with only TWO buttons, these button are designed to be highly visible and easy-to-read manner. 
  • EXTREMELY LOW-NOISE: Hizero offers the lowest noise level in the current market at below 60db.
  • EXTREMELY LONG RUNNING TIME: Li-ion Rechargeable Battery. Up to 80mins run time. It takes 3-4hrs to fully charged.
  • MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING: Safe and effective for use on tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, and more.